In Missouri, applicants who wish to acquire supplemental security income must complete a lengthy process to acquire benefits. They must start by completing an application and providing detailed information about their condition. The following are factors that apply to claims to discuss with SSI attorneys in St. Louis County, MO.

The Disability Determination Services

The disability determination services review all applicants to determine if the claim is viable. They must review all applications before they are sent to the Social Security Administration. If approved by DDS, the SSA will start scheduling appointments for the applicant to review their condition more thoroughly.

Evaluating Income for the Claimant

If the claimant lives with other individuals, the SSA needs information about the income of these individuals. If the claimant is a minor, their parents will need to submit information about their income. The SSA determines if the claimant qualifies according to income restrictions based on the information provided. These values are based on whether or not the parent or roommate is married, and their total monthly income. Any income level beyond the standard limits will result in a reduction of the claimant’s monetary benefits.

The Medical Assessment

The SSA will schedule an appointment with a medical doctor and a psychiatrist. These doctors evaluate any physical or mental conditions listed on the application. They must determine if these conditions could prevent the claimant from acquiring employment in any field. They must also determine what debilitating effects these conditions have on the claimant.

Denials and Appeals

The claimant will receive a letter to inform them if they were approved for SSI. The letter must provide a valid reason for this denial. It must also explain the process that the claimant will follow to file an appeal.

In Missouri, any claimant that was denied social security benefits can file an appeal for a reconsideration. These appeals allow the claimant to get access to a judge who will review the claim more extensively. An attorney can help these claimants with these requirements. Applicants who want to start a claim or file an appeal can contact us to hire SSI attorneys in St. Louis County, MO today.