You’ve saved money for months, or years, because your current vehicle is reaching the end of the line. Or, you’re simply ready for a new vehicle to drive with better mileage and features. You’re the consumer. Protecting your investment should be priority.

Texas Lemon Law attorneys are aware you work hard for your money, and that having a reliable vehicle is important. Many depend upon vehicles to get children to school, pets to the vet, or simply to function in your daily job. Lemon laws exist to protect these day to day tasks that are vital to most families. If you can’t trust the vehicle you’ve recently purchased, you must have a replacement.

In most states like Texas, Lemon Law attorneys are aware that a repair may need a few attempts. That’s why it’s important for a consumer to take the newly purchased vehicle to the dealer as soon as the malfunction is recognized. In addition, it’s imperative that the documentation of repairs is maintained.

Texas law suggests that two same repairs must be made within twelve months (even less for safety hazard issues), or the consumer can begin to take action. Two additional times on the same repair qualifies the consumer be legally compensated in some way with a different vehicle. There are options available, and that’s why you will want to contact a Texas Lemon Law attorney.

After a third attempt at the same repair in Texas, it’s time to contact a Texas Lemon Law Attorney at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. They will help guide you through the next steps to protect and maintain your investment. Remember, it’s not just about a car. It’s about living your life in a normal manner with a vehicle you expect to drive without continuous repair issues.