A Ladder Accident Lawyer in Queens County, NY Informs Clients about Personal Injuries

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Lawyers

No one wakes up and goes to work expecting to get hurt; yet, it does happen. And when it does happen, it sometimes becomes a matter of personal injury. A personal injury occurs when a person gets hurt through someone else’s negligence or intent. In those cases, the injured party can and often does sue the offending party. One example of such an incident where a personal injury occurs is falling off a ladder. There is a ladder accident lawyer in Queens County, NY who represents clients for that type of injury and similar cases. Here are some things to keep in mind about personal injuries in New York.

Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations on them in each state. In New York, parties with personal injuries have three years to file a lawsuit in a civil court of law. If the parties fail to file the lawsuit in this window of time, their cases will go unheard. They won’t be able to collect any possible damages. The injured parties should also keep in mind that New York employs the “shared fault” rule. This means if the injured party can be found partially responsible for the accident they are in, any amount of damages to be received will be reduced by that amount.

Insurance companies will often try to negotiate with the party who is hurt, to get them to settle out of court. This is not always a bad thing, except the victim should remember that the insurance company has its own interest in mind. The settlement offered may not be what the victim could get. This is where it is important to hire a lawyer experienced in that area.

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