When you talk with a criminal defense attorney, you are interacting with someone who will serve as your spokesman. They are the ones who will handle communications with law enforcement and prosecution. You want your San Antonio truck accident attorney to speak for you because they will not be intimidated by prosecutors or by law enforcement.

Conversations with law enforcement or with prosecutors can get heated. Police officers like to intimidate you. However, an attorney has been trained to stay calm in these situations and work from a place of neutrality.

An experienced San Antonio truck accident attorney will have developed a relationship with prosecuting attorneys. They understand how to go about negotiations in a way that is professional. They have spent enough time working with local judges that they understand the tactics that the judges and prosecutors use. They know how to adjust their strategy based on who it is that they will be interacting with.

You lack the training and experience to handle interactions with prosecutors or law enforcement. If you try to handle these interactions on your own, you are likely to say and do things that would be damaging to your case. Conversely, your criminal defense attorney is going to measure their words. They are also going to pay close attention to what law enforcement and prosecutors say. Your attorney will be able to identify inconsistencies, errors, and other mistakes that could be favorable for you.

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