Why You Would Need a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

Whenever people think of criminal lawyers, they usually associate them with heinous crimes like murder, rape, arson or bank robbery. Therefore, they never perceive that they might need a criminal lawyer one day. However, there are many infractions that a person wouldn’t want to try to handle himself or herself. Drunk driving occurs frequently among people. What constitutes drunk driving might surprise a lot of people. They would definitely need a criminal lawyer for such a crime as that to prevent from having a bad record. A criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS helps clients who are arrested for various crimes. These are some of the crimes that might require an attorney.

People might take the act of lying as something acceptable in society today. After all, “everyone tells a white lie here or there”, the person may reason. However, when it comes to testifying in the courtroom or any other legal proceeding, lying under oath is perjury and a crime that is punishable by prison or fines. It is such a serious charge that the person could even lose their livelihood (depending on the field worked in). An attorney will be necessary to defend a person against such a charge.

Another possible crime for which a person will require legal counsel in the state of Kansas is marijuana. Because so many states allow the recreational use of marijuana, and many more allow for the use of medical marijuana, it is easy to see how a person could quickly get in trouble. Kansas does not allow for either, so if caught using it, the individual needs an attorney to defend them. Crimes relating to marijuana in Kansas could impair a person’s ability to get employment.

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