Why Hiring a Dog Bite Attorney in Spokane, WA Makes Much Sense

While enjoying a walk through the neighborhood, a dog appears out of nowhere and bites the pedestrian. It soon becomes apparent that the dog dug under the owner’s fence and decided that someone on the sidewalk was a threat to the family. In order to keep the situation from getting out of control, the best move is to hire a dog bite attorney in Spokane, WA, and work for some type of settlement.

Assessing the Event

One of the first things the dog bite attorney in Spokane, WA will want to do is take a good look at the whole situation. That involves determining if the client was on a public sidewalk, where the dog came from, and what occurred when the owner came outside and approached the animal. If there are any witnesses to the entire event, the attorney will want to talk with them. The goal is to determine if there are any details other than those found in the police report, and what type of liability the dog owner has in terms of covering the medical costs of the victim.

Handling the Communication with the Dog Owner

While it may seem like a good move to try to work thing out with the owner, this approach rarely produces anything other than more animosity. By choosing to hire an attorney, the dog owner can turn the matter over to the insurance provider. Their legal team can communicate directly with the attorney and, hopefully, come to an arrangement acceptable to all parties.

Taking the Matter to Court

If settling does not seem to be an option, filing suit and going to court is the only option. In some cases, doing so will motivate the opposing party to become cooperative. At other times, the matter will end up in front of a judge. Rest assured that the attorney will do everything legally possible to protect the client’s rights.

Along with seeking medical treatment after a dog bite, it makes sense to visit Deissner Law and arrange for a consultation. In the best case scenario, the whole matter can be settled quickly and everyone can move on to better things.