Riding a motorcycle is popularly enjoyed by many people, but because of the poor visibility of a motorcycle on the road, many are involved in deadly collisions. In the state of Maryland, over 1300 people are injured on motorcycles every year, and approximately 86 of those injured dye from the injuries sustained. There are motorcycle accident lawyers in Southern Maryland who understand the dangers of being in motorcycle accidents and want to help clients who are involved in the accidents. Here is information to understand about motorcycle accidents in Maryland.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Law in Maryland

A motorcyclist injured in a traffic accident can potentially sue the party that was at fault, but in Maryland, the other party must be completely at fault. Because of the harsh rule about contributory negligence in Maryland, if an injured party is found even one percent at fault, no damages will be awarded in a lawsuit. The injured motorist who is pursuing a lawsuit must remember that in Maryland the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the accident, or the case may not be heard.

More About Motorcycle Accident Law in Maryland

When it comes to receiving damages in Maryland for an accident, the cap for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering is $845,000. If the injured motorist dies as a result of the accident, the cap increases to over one million dollars, with the maximum topping out at $2,112,500. It is best for the injured party in a motorcycle accident to see a doctor right away and to give all of the information to the police that is remembered. Beyond that, an attorney may need to be consulted for advice.

An Attorney in Maryland for Motorcycle Accident Cases

Many attorneys and law firms offer their services for clients who are injured in motorcycle accidents in Maryland. Business Name is a law firm in Waldorf, Maryland that provides legal services for clients involved in motorcycle accidents. If a motorcyclist needs advice from motorcycle accident lawyers in Southern Maryland, the law firm is available and can be reached at the website, website domain.