Injured workers are entitled to compensation after a work accident that wasn’t their fault, and workers’ compensation insurance covers their medical expenses and provides temporary wage replacement. Consulting workers’ compensation lawyers in New Lenox helps injured workers weigh their legal options.

Reporting a Work Accident

According to the terms of most workers’ compensation policies, the employee has a 30-day deadline to report the accident and their injuries to a supervisor. Once reported, the supervisor sets up a medical examination at an urgent care facility or with the company’s preferred doctor. If the damages are emergent, the supervisor should call for an ambulance.

The Medical Findings

The medical findings are sent to a claims adjuster representing the company’s insurer. The adjuster determines if the worker’s injuries qualify under the terms of the policy. If so, all medical services are paid through the insurer.

Wage Replacement Options

Suppose the worker cannot return to work immediately. In that case, the adjuster determines if the worker is eligible for wage replacement, how much they’ll receive, and how long they will get the payments. With workers’ compensation lawyers in New Lenox, injured employees can see compensation through the court if denied these benefits.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps injured workers get coverage for medical treatment related to their injuries after a work accident. If they cannot return to work because of these injuries for some time, the insurance gives them wage replacement benefits.

If injured workers are turned down for coverage, they may have a legal claim against the insurer or their employer. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. to learn about workers’ compensation claims.