Using Drunk Driving Attorneys in Chandler, AZ to Fight DUI Charges

When someone gets pulled over and is arrested for driving under the influence, they will most likely want to fight these charges if they believe they were well below the legal alcohol limit for their state. Fighting a DUI charge is best done with help from drunk driving attorneys in Chandler, AZ. They would know what evidence would be needed to prove innocence and what steps could be taken to show the person was not a risk to others on the road.

In many drunk driving cases, the defendant may be able to prove their innocence if the breathalyzer equipment used at the time of the arrest is proven to be faulty. An attorney would be able to order that the equipment be checked to see if it was calibrated correctly at the time of use. If the arresting officer did not read the person their rights at the time of the arrest, there is a chance that for charges to be reduced or dropped due to negligence in the way the incident had been handled. An attorney would also look through past similar cases to find ways to prove to the court that the charges were too harsh for the crime that had been committed.

During the time the person has between their arrest and their court case, they will need to do their best to be a model citizen. They should take any classes required by the court system and assist on time any meetings with a probationary officer during this time. This will help show the judge the person is not someone who is prone to troublesome behavior by nature. During the court case, they should listen without interrupting others and answer all questions truthfully.

When someone needs drunk driving attorneys in Chandler, AZ to help prove their drunk driving charge was not justifiable, they can make a few appointments with lawyers in the area to find one they feel would be helpful to their case. browse the website of the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. to find out more about her office and to make an appointment for an initial consultation if desired.