Tips on hiring the best car accident attorney

As is true with most areas of law, experience and reputation are perhaps the most important factors to be considered when you have been involved in an accident and are faced with finding a car accident attorney in Houston. The law is extremely complex and the greatest majority of lawyers specialize in a specific area, you will want to narrow your search to lawyers that focus their practice on accident cases rather than to use a general legal representative such as the attorney you used to help create your will or purchase your home.

Experience counts:

There is no doubt that experience counts when you are faced with finding the best car accident attorney. A seasoned attorney will understand all the nuances that apply to tort law, especially how it deals with car accidents and he or she will have a proven track record in trying cases in court of it should go that far. An attorney that is not experienced in this legal arena may have an understanding of the law but may not have the same skills that are needed when negotiating a settlement or advocating on your behalf in court.


A car accident attorney in Houston must have a good reputation in the jurisdiction in which he or she practices. When you are looking for your legal representative ask your circle of friends, family members and workmates if they have had experiences with car accident attorneys and if so, were they pleased with the results? If this approach should not turn up any candidates you can contact the local bar association to ensure that an attorney whose name you found online has any disciplinary actions against him.

Once you have established a list of possibilities review their legal focus before going any further. A practitioner of general law may agree to take your case but may not have the in-depth knowledge of accident law to adequately represent your interests. It is always best to choose an attorney that practices the type of law that is appropriate in your case.

The majority of car accident attorneys work on contingency but it is something that you want to find out. An attorney that agrees to take your case on contingency will only get paid in the event he or she is successful in winning your case but even at that you may be expected to pay some out of pocket expenses such as fees that need to be paid to gain access to certain records. For more information, visit The Stephens Law Firm.