Filing for bankruptcy is a very challenging process. But doing so helps you discharge your debts and deal with creditor harassment. There are other benefits, too. Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you the opportunity to pay off some or all of your debt over an extended period of time. It allows you to keep your property and get your finances under control. But filing for chapter 13 is complicated. An attorney can help.

Before hiring a chapter 13 lawyer St. Petersburg FL, you may want to know what the attorney does.

Your bankruptcy lawyer will explain the best bankruptcy approach for you. He or she will also go through what you may qualify for. You’ll review how to protect your assets and determine what you can afford for a payment plan. You’ll also discuss what information needs to be submitted to the court and whether or not you have other obligations. Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney means you’ll understand the process from beginning to end.

In the chapter 13 filing, there is no starting over as it is in chapter 7. You’ll be committing to making payments and over time, you’ll reduce your debt. At the end of the payment plan, some of your debt is discharged and you’re able to move forward.

The role of an attorney is to assist you in getting a new start financially and be able to purchase assets and property once again. The expertise of the chapter 13 lawyer St. Petersburg FL is important in future planning, successful filing and offering you legal protection.

The good thing about hiring a chapter 13 lawyer St. Petersburg FL is that after filing, the lawyer will help you significantly. Creditor calls will cease and you can begin to move forward. For more details, check at