The different types of law firms

There are numerous law firms, all of which provide some type of legal advice and assistance to a wide range of clients, the client base can consist of individuals, small and medium size businesses as well as large multi-national corporations. With this diverse client bases, one can understand why there are so many different types of firms. A law firm in Wichita KS can vary in size as well, there are practices with only one attorney as well as law firms with many licensed attorneys and a full complement of support staff, larger firms tend to specialize in one area of law, business for example while solo firms often offer a variety of services needed within the community; real estate closings or will preparation are good examples.

A large law firm in Wichita KS usually works closely with large businesses and corporations. A firm of this nature will have several specific departments each having one or more attorneys that are specialists in a given area. These attorneys can be deeply involved in employment issues, banking, and bankruptcy, estate planning, litigation, etc. The attorneys that share in the ownership of the firm are known as the “partners” while those attorneys that work for the firm are known as “associates.” Large law firms employ many other people that are involved in tasks that support the partners and associates such as clerks and paralegals.

The majority of law firms work within a defined area, depending on the size of the firm it may deal with clients in only one city while others may have multiple offices throughout the state. There are national law firms that cover multiple states and international firms that maintain offices in the US as well as overseas. An international law firm is extremely helpful to companies do business in other parts of the world that have different laws to those in the US.

A law firm in Wichita KS may focus their practice on litigation which involves lawsuits. A civil litigation firm has as its clients those involved in monetary disputes, property conflicts, insurance issues, etc. The attorneys that perform this type of work represent their clients in a court of law during preliminary hearings and trials. A law firm may also deal with “transaction” law, and area of law that deals with documents and various transactions which are often real estate purchases and closings, lease negotiation, the preparation and review of contracts and even taxation. To get more information you are invited to discuss your unique needs with various law firms known to deal in your area of concern.

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