Starting the Process with a Product Liability Lawyer

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Lawyers

In Nevada, consumers have the right to file a claim if they become injured while using any product. Under federal laws, they are protected against any potentially dangerous products released by manufacturers. Under these laws, all products must undergo testing to identify any risks. A product liability lawyer helps consumers when they sustain product-related injuries.

Reporting the Victim’s Injuries

To report the victim’s injuries, they must create a report for the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This isn’t a necessary step for all cases; however, it heightens awareness of the dangers presented by the product. This agency could prove to be an effective resource for a full-scale investigation of the product. In the event that hazards are discovered, the agency could issue a product recall.

A Full Investigation of the Product

If the CRPA becomes involved, they possess the authority to stop the release of the product in question. They have the right to evaluate the product and put it through rigorous testing. The findings of the tests determine when the manufacturer acquire knowledge of the product’s risks.

This is critical to the case as it proves a more serious liability. The victim has a more viable case if the manufacturer knew about these risks and released the product anyway. Any product that is harmful cannot be released unless there are warning labels present to define conditions in which injuries are probable.

How Product Recalls Affect Personal Injury Cases

A product recall is issued when a risk is discovered. This could help the victim as it proves the liability of the manufacturer. However, the terms of the product recall could affect the case entirely. It could lead to the discovery of new litigants who also need to file a motion. When this happens, a class-action lawsuit is more likely.

In Nevada, consumers initiate their rights when filing a lawsuit for a product’s liability. These rights are outlined under federal laws that apply to dangerous products. Under these laws, the liability of the manufacturer is defined by how they manage known risks. Consumers who sustained injuries should hire a product liability lawyer.

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