Spousal Abuse and a Family Law Lawyer in Denver

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A family law lawyer in Denver is in a position to help with all sorts of legal matters related to families. Unfortunately, many of these issues arise from negative situations, including abuse.

When a spouse is abusive, there are some of the things that the lawyer can do to protect the client:

Getting the Client to a Safe Place

One of the first things to do is to arrange for the client to find shelter in a safe place. This may be with a family member who can provide accommodations or it could be in a facility set up to house victims of spousal abuse.

Securing Restraining Orders

Once there is proof of the abuse, a family law lawyer in Denver can secure a restraining order against the abuser. This typically means that the individual in question cannot come within a specified distance from the client. In some cases, this is enough to get the message across, and the abuser will leave the client alone as plans are made for the future.

Filing for Divorce

A family law lawyer in Denver can also begin the process of securing a divorce for the client. In this scenario, the lawyer works with the legal counsel for the opposing party to come up with an equitable settlement arrangement. Given the reason for the action, the client can choose to not be present during those negotiations if doing so would cause excessive personal stress or fear.

While it may seem impossible to get out of an abusive relationship due to financial or other reasons, there is help. Making that first call to Bloch Chapleau, LLC ensures that things begin to move in the right direction. With the help of an experienced lawyer, it is possible to escape the abuse, begin the process of recovering, and once again have a chance at a happy life.

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