Secure Custody with Child Custody Lawyers in Sycamore, IL

A divorce can cause many stressful situations for couples. When children are involved, stress levels may be extremely high. Parents may be fearful of losing custody or visitation. The idea of being separated from the children that you have cared for since birth is very hard on a parent.

Planning Your Case

As soon as the divorce papers are filed, you should begin talking about the custody portion of the case. Most parents worry the most about this part of the divorce. Child custody lawyers in Sycamore, IL can help you organize your case. There are often standard custody and visitation laws that are implemented during the divorce proceedings. Child custody lawyers can help you with special custody requests. You may already know that you must work on regular visitation days, for example. A lawyer can put in a request to set up alternate visitation days.

Difficult Circumstances

There are times when child custody lawyers must deal with difficult circumstances. Both parents may want full custody of the children, for example. This often starts a battle for custody that can take quite a while to sort out. There may also be times when one parent is considered unsafe. Supervised visits and psychological evaluations may be required when these claims are made. Visit  to find out how a lawyer can help you with custody complications.

A divorce is much more complicated when children are involved. These cases become extremely emotional. It can be difficult to get both parents to agree on custody and visitation. They may not be happy with standard laws. Special cases require an experienced legal professional. Meet with a lawyer as soon as you receive the divorce papers to get a head start on custody or visitation.