Questions That Auto Accident Attorneys In Hollywood, FL Ask Victims?

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Lawyers

In Florida, auto accident victims meet with an attorney to start a legal claim against the at-fault driver. These claims provide the victims with an opportunity to acquire compensation for their financial losses. Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL collect information from the victims required for the legal claim to help these victims manage their legal claim.

Did the Responsible Driver Have Insurance?

The attorney will ask the victim if the at-fault driver has auto insurance to determine if it is possible to file a claim through the driver’s insurance carrier. The victim could acquire the funds they need to cover their medical requirements and auto repair expenses through these claims. If the at-fault driver didn’t provide the victim with this information, the victim’s attorney could acquire this information for them.

Was a Crime Committed During the Accident?

The most common crime that is committed during an auto accident is driving under the influence. If the at-fault driver was arrested for a DUI, the conviction could assist the victim in acquiring compensation. The conviction proves that the at-fault driver was drunk, and they can’t try to deny their role in causing the accident.

Did the Victim Commit Any Moving Violations?

The victim should inform their attorney if they committed any moving violations during the accident. These moving violations could indicate that the victim shared the blame for the accident. This could allow the defendant to gain a reduction in the overall award due to comparative fault.

What Were the Financial Losses Incurred by the Victim?

The attorney needs to know the fine details about any financial losses incurred by the victim. Initially, these financial losses include the victim’s medical costs and auto repair requirements; however, they could receive an award for lost wages if their injuries stop them from returning to work.

In Florida, victims should contact an attorney after they’ve been involved in an accident and provide as many details as possible. These details help the attorney collect information that is necessary for the accident claim. Victims who want to start a legal claim contact Auto Accident Attorneys in Hollywood FL through Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. today.

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