Suffering an on-the-job injury can be quite devastating. Most people miss work, and some aren’t able to return at all due to the severity of their injuries. When a person is injured at work, there are numerous ways to move forward, including hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Centralia, IL and filing for benefits. As a condition of receiving those benefits, the client must undergo a medical evaluation, as explained below.

Why Is the Medical Evaluation Necessary?

It’s quite common for evaluations to be ordered by the employer’s insurer, who pays the workers’ comp benefits. This evaluation is known as an IME or independent medical evaluation, and the insurer may order it because it disagrees with the treatment or the diagnosis provided by the doctor. Here, the insurer obtains a second opinion before paying benefits.

How Are Physicians Chosen?

The physician chosen for the independent medical evaluation will probably not be the same doctor the victim normally uses. Why? In most cases, the original treatment recommendation or diagnosis was made by that doctor, and in the event of a disagreement, a different doctor is chosen. Because the employer’s insurer is requesting the evaluation, they choose the doctor. It’s possible for workers to request IMEs if they disagree with the insurance doctor’s diagnosis.

Questions Asked in an IME

The doctor will ask numerous questions during the evaluation, including:

  • Were the symptoms caused by the incident?
  • Was the illness or injury properly diagnosed?
  • When will the victim be able to return to the job?
  • Is additional testing or treatment needed?
  • Is the disability permanent, and if so, how serious is it?

It’s within the worker’s rights to review any letters the insurance company sends the evaluating physician. This allows the client to correct errors and ensure that asked questions are relevant to the case.

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