Personal Injury Lawyers in Luzerne County PA Help Clients Obtain Reasonable Financial Compensation

When someone has been hurt in an accident caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness, Personal Injury Lawyers in Luzerne County PA can help this individual receive reasonable financial compensation. The accident may have involved one person behaving in an unsafe way, or it may have been caused by nobody taking responsibility to resolve a hazardous situation.

Premises Liability

Sometimes an accident is not caused directly by a specific person, the way a vehicle collision often is. Instead, it may be a matter of employees not cleaning up a beverage spill on a hard floor in a convenience store. It could be nobody putting up a yellow caution sign to alert customers of wet floors when people are tracking in snow. Those situations can lead to slip-and-fall incidents that cause significant physical harm. Legally, these episodes are categorized under the concept of premises liability. The owner or manager or the property is responsible for keeping it safe.

Injury Consequences

Slip-and-fall injuries can have a range of consequences. Sometimes the injury is relatively easy to recover from, such as a broken wrist. However, that fracture can prevent people in many occupations from working until the wrist heals. In other cases, the injury is serious. A broken hip or vertebrae, for instance, can have permanent negative effects.

Examples of Expenses to Be Compensated

Someone injured under these circumstances can seek compensation for numerous types of expenses, including future expenses. Personal Injury Lawyers in Luzerne County PA may ask the insurance company to pay for all ongoing and expected future medical bills related to the accident, for example. Lost work time should be paid for. If the person needs to stay in a nursing home during recovery or requires home care, this also should be included in the settlement.

The Important Decision

Seeking help from an organization such as The Law Office of Robert D. Elias can be an extremely important decision. Trying to negotiate with an enormous insurance company with its own posse of lawyers is very difficult and intimidating. Personal injury attorneys know how to approach these corporations and how to achieve the best outcome for their clients. You can also visit them on Facebook.