Does Your Non-Profit Startup Need a Lawyer?

Starting a non-profit organization means you’ll need to stay on top of a lot of things. One of the most useful measures you can take, though, is to hire a non-profit attorney to help you out.

What is a non-profit lawyer?

It’s a type of lawyer who basically handles the same issues that a business lawyer would. However, in this case, the lawyer will focus on issues that are specific to a non-profit organization. If your startup is young yet and still trying to get on its feet, then a lawyer can provide you with the assistance you need to handle the coming tax season.

What if you get sued?

If someone or a party files for a claim against you, then a non-profit attorney can offer you the litigation assistance you need. However, waiting around until a claim is filed might already be too late. That’s why finding a lawyer beforehand to ensure your company laws and policies are compliant with state and federal laws is a priority.

How to find legal help

There are plenty of ways you could find a lawyer for your startup. Non-profit Hub suggests asking around. You’ll want to go outside your own board for this, though, to avoid any conflict of interest. Look for referrals to point you in the right direction. Go online and search for lawyers in your area. You have quite a number of options to explore so finding the right lawyer for the job shouldn’t be insurmountable.

Qualities to look for

Before you hire one, though, make sure you know what qualities to look for. Long-term experience, a good reputation for settling cases and the right credentials all make up the basics. Negotiation skills are another winning quality.

Getting your startup off the ground should be easier when you have legal help around.