Needing a Car Accident Attorney in Surprise, AZ

Did you suffer an injury in a vehicle accident that was not your fault? If so, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Do not try to pay medical bills on your own. Instead, consult with a Car Accident Attorney in Surprise AZ.

Establishing Liability

The attorney investigates accidents to find out who was responsible. It is important to show that the at-fault party did not take the required precautions. For example, the driver may have been speeding or changed lanes improperly. Sometimes, the injured driver gets lucky and the at-fault party is charged at the scene.

Filing the Claim

The attorney must establish how the accident happened before filing. Indeed, there may be more than one liable party. For instance, those who are injured in truck accidents may have a claim against the carrier and the driver. Generally, the claim is filed with the liable party’s insurance company.

It can be tricky dealing with insurance companies, which is why one needs a car accident attorney in Surprise AZ. Insurance adjusters look out for their company’s bottom-line. It is not unusual for them to throw blame at injured drivers and refuse to negotiate in good faith.

Preparing a Demand

The attorney files a settlement demand with the insurance company when the client’s medical treatment is complete. The settlement demand letter lays out the facts of the case and explains why the at-fault party is liable. Additionally, the attorney offers proof of all damages incurred by the client. Damages include things like lost wages and medical bills.

The parties enter into negotiations in an attempt to settle the claim. A lawsuit may be necessary if a settlement cannot be reached.

Filing a Lawsuit

Attorneys prefer that cases settle but sometimes lawsuits are necessary. The insurance company may not offer more than the actual damages. Whereas, victims are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and the experience of the accident. Most jurisdictions require that a lawsuit be filed within two years of the accident date.

When a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company provides a lawyer for the at-fault party. That is why it is good to know an attorney from the Garrison Law Firm is on your side.