Why You May Need a Drug Crime Lawyer after Changes in Marijuana Laws

In many states, the demand for medical marijuana is influencing current laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana for any purposes. While Washington voters legalized marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes in 2012, there will still be some prohibitions on how marijuana can be used. However, recent changes to marijuana laws that are scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2017 may be confusing to both the public and law enforcement.

Okay to Share

Even though recreational marijuana is legal, users cannot share any of their cannabis with friends or family. However, that will change in July because the law will allow anyone over 21 to give or “deliver” up to four ounces of flower, eight ounces of an infused solid edible, 36 ounces of infused liquids, or up to three and a half grams of concentrate to another adult if money isn’t involved. If you are charged with distributing marijuana to another person after July 1, you should hire an experienced drug crime lawyer to help get the charges dropped if you’re in compliance with the law.

Homegrown Marijuana

Another change to the law allows medical marijuana patients to grow their own from seeds instead of getting cannabis from a producer or collective. While marijuana cannot be grown at home for recreational purposes, the state is now required to study the possibility of allowing it. If you are confused about the law or if you’re arrested for violating old laws when the new ones go into effect, it’s important to hire a drug crime lawyer to represent you.

It’s important to be aware of the changes as some of them will mean not being charged with a crime when in the past you could be charged with a felony.