While a slip and fall accident may seem like a pretty common occurrence, many people sustain serious injuries because of it. If another person was negligent enough to leave slippery substances on the floor, and another person sustains a serious injury due to his/her negligence, they have all the right to file a claim and get medical compensation for the injuries. Healthcare is not cheap in the United States, so why should you pay so much money because of the negligence of others? Instead, you should hire a slip and fall accident attorney in Green Bay, WI and file a claim for compensation. However, you will need to hire a good attorney to increase your chances of reaching a quick settlement. Here are a few things that you should look for in a slip and fall accident attorney.


Experience plays a very important role in your search for a new accident attorney. If you want a quick resolution to the claim and don’t want to prolong the lawsuit for pointless reasons, you need an experienced attorney on your side. visit us website has handled hundreds of slip and fall cases in the past and can easily guide you on what you should do to boost your chances of a quick settlement. Make sure you ask the attorney about his experience first, before you sign the retainer.


Lawyers don’t work for free, and slip and fall cases are handled pro bono. Therefore, when you approach any slip and fall accident attorney, make sure you ask them about their fees. Some attorneys charge a fixed fee, while others will take a percentage of the compensation, depending on the severity of the claim.