Let a Divorce Attorney in Bethlehem, PA Guide You Through the Process

When a marriage is ending, a divorce attorney in Bethlehem, PA can provide the sound legal advice someone needs into the next phase of their life. A divorce can be a complex legal issue when there’s assets or children involved. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to obtain a divorce is through a no-fault consensual process. This type of divorce usually requires just a flat fee to the attorney that includes the filing fee to the court. Agreeing to a no-fault divorce will avoid any unknown or unexpected surprises in the future.

Complex divorces usually include a lot of assets, debt or children. Spousal support normally lasts until the divorce is final. The property distribution and separation of assets and debts finalize the need for spousal support. In rare circumstances, spousal support will continue beyond the final divorce. Child support will not end until a child turns eighteen or graduates from high school. Child support cannot be waived by one parent for a more favorable outcome with another one. Child support can be established by filing the necessary paperwork with the Child Support Enforcement Agency in the county. After the papers have been served on the other parent, a hearing will take place to establish the monthly amount each parent is responsible for.

A divorce attorney in Bethlehem, PA can help someone with their divorce as well as their child support and a custody order for their children. It’s very important to establish a legal order for custody with a divorce attorney in Bethlehem, PA. Arguments can easily erupt over which parent’s turn it is to see the child, and when the child needs to be back at the other parent’s home. This can be avoided by establishing a temporary order early in the divorce process. It can protect both parents from simple questions about the rules for the children.

Attorney Erik Conrad has the knowledge and experience in family law that can help with divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, protection from abuse orders and much more. Trying to navigate the family law arena on your own could result in rulings without a favorable outcome.