For people that have been injured and who cannot work, settlements from insurance companies may be able to provide a certain amount of financial provision. However, these settlements are often something that a person won’t want to count on. Fortunately, people who’ve been injured and cannot work or who can only work on a limited basis are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, eligibility and actually getting the benefits don’t often go hand in hand and it is one reason why people often turn to a Social Security Disability Attorney in Bellingham WA.

Claim Status

The Social Security disability claim process is notoriously slow and quite elusive for people, even those who qualify for the benefits. Because of the Social Security Administration’s limited amount of employees to handle such issues, backlogs when it comes to Social Security disability claims are not uncommon. In addition, claims that should be easily accepted are often-times rejected. It is in these situations where a person may want to speak with a Social Security disability attorney.

Appealing a Rejection

If a person is wondering if there claim will ever be addressed, whether the Social Security Administration says yes or no, an attorney can help find out where the claim is in the review process. In some cases, they can help to expedite the review.

In the event that the claim is rejected, which is not uncommon, a Social Security Disability Attorney in Bellingham WA will begin the task of having the rejected claim reviewed a second time. If this doesn’t work, after a special appeal the attorney can actually file legal action against the Social Security Administration. This is an avenue of last resort, but there are times where bringing legal action against the Social Security Administration is the only way to have a claim fairly reviewed and hopefully accepted.

Nobody likes to think about going through so much hassle simply to get disability benefits that a person clearly qualifies for. Unfortunately, with the Social Security disability process, this is precisely what happens. That’s why, if you need this income, but the Social Security Administration is either holding up your claim or has rejected it summarily, you’ll need legal assistance. The best thing you can do is find a Social Security disability attorney online, and Visit the website to learn more about the services they provide.