What You Should Know About Metro Accidents In Greenbelt

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Lawyers

In Maryland, metro accidents can occur due to a variety of factors. These factors could include operators who have an existing drug or alcohol problem. They can occur due to equipment failures or due to a failure to maintain the metro system. The following are details about these cases and how to file a formal claim after Metro Accidents in Greenbelt.

The Formal Investigation

After all metro accidents, the Maryland Transit Authority launches an investigation into the accident. The initial investigation involves determining what caused the accident in the first place. All victims who were involved in the accident are transferred to a local hospital for medical assessments. The findings of the investigation define what led to the accident and present information about coverage for victims. However, in some cases, victims are denied coverage based on the limitations of the insurance provider.

Identifying the Exact Defendant

Any victim that wishes the file a claim must work with their attorney to identify the exact defendant in these cases. If the accident happened due to any reason beyond the operator’s choice to drive while intoxicated or other condition, the Maryland Transit Authority is typically held accountable for the victim’s injuries after Metro Accidents in Greenbelt.

Identifying All Victims of the Accident

The report for the accident must identify all victims of the accident. When victims are denied coverage, they have the right to file a class-action lawsuit. These lawsuits will be filed in groups based on the severity level of the victims’ injuries.

Filing a Formal Claim

The victim’s attorney must present all details of the accident and the victim’s injuries in the claim. The court will decide if the claim is viable. Next, they will schedule a hearing to determine whether or not the victim is eligible for compensation.

In Maryland, metro accidents can have catastrophic effects. They can lead to multiple injuries and fatalities. The findings of the accident investigation define what authority is responsible for medical coverage and compensation for these victims. Anyone who was injured in Metro Accidents in Greenbelt can acquire legal assistance through Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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