Is it Worth the Cost to Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA?

Once a person is arrested, they have an option of working with a lawyer or pleading guilty and accepting their sentence. They might wonder if it’s worth the time and expense to hire a lawyer if the charges are relatively minor or if they believe there’s nothing a lawyer can do to help. The reality is they won’t want a criminal record and there is quite a bit a lawyer can do to help, even if it looks like there’s plenty of evidence for a guilty verdict.

If a person is pulled over and searched and the officer discovers drugs in the vehicle, the person might worry that there’s nothing a lawyer can do. After all, they were caught with the drugs in their vehicle . However, a Criminal Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA does have ways to help. They might start by making sure the officer had a valid reason to pull the person over. If they did, the next step is for the lawyer to determine if they had a valid reason to search the vehicle. It is entirely possible that the lawyer might find that the officer shouldn’t have searched the vehicle.

If the lawyer finds that the officer did not have probable cause or permission to search the vehicle, the evidence collected from the vehicle may be suppressed. This means that it cannot be used in court and cannot count against a person. If the only evidence of the crime is the drugs found during the search, the charges might be dismissed due to a lack of evidence. This means that the person is no longer facing criminal charges and won’t have to go to trial.

There are a lot of “if’s” in this example, but the premise can be applied to just about any case. No matter how much evidence is against the person, there is still quite a bit a Criminal Lawyer in Mount Vernon WA can do to help. They’ll go through the case thoroughly to find anything that might help their client whether it means having the charges dismissed or simply avoiding the maximum penalty for the crime if they’re convicted. To learn more about how a lawyer can help, visit Domain today.