Injured? Contact Personal Injury Lawyers In Washington PA

No one wants to suffer from physically and financially from a careless act of another individual. Unfortunately, with the business highways and thoughtless acts, innocent people are injured every day. The only course of action to hold these individuals accountable for their negligence is holding them financially accountable.

Personal injury lawyers in Washington PA will provide a victim with a free consultation to discuss their case. There will never be a fee unless they receive money for the victim. The lawyer will receive a percentage of the final settlement and will discuss this during the free consultation and evaluation of the case.

Types Of Cases

A personal injury lawyer will represent victims of automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents. Slip and fall cases, nursing home neglect or abuse, and medical malpractice are other areas of personal injury law an attorney provides legal representation for. The death of a person due to the careless act of another person is considered a wrongful death.

Experienced attorneys will work with surviving family members to obtain a settlement when the death occurred because of the injuries a victim received resulted in their death. The lawyer cannot bring back the loved one, but they will be able to hold the guilty party financially accountable.

Product Liability

Defective and dangerous products injure and kill people. Manufacturers attempt to warn consumers about fault or dangerous products, but many times, the warnings are not adequate. Small pieces of a toy can cause a child to choke, and faulty tires or brakes on a vehicle can result in a serious accident. Injuries from these faulty products can be from a design flaw or a product defect.


The amount of compensation a person can receive will be determined on the extent of their injuries and whether they are permanent. A person could receive compensation for lost wages, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, and much more. Personal Injury Lawyers in Washington PA have the negotiating and investigative skills needed to receive the financial compensation a victim deserves.

Never let a careless act go unpunished. Browse our website to learn more about the help a personal injury can provide.