How Injured Landscapers Can Receive Help From an Attorney in Tampa

Landscapers are tasked with keeping the property of residential buildings and commercial buildings safe. However, their work is inherently dangerous. Part of the work they do involves using large and loud machines. This can create safety hazards. Some are visible, and others are completely invisible. Additionally, landscapers may be exposed to toxic chemicals and danger from the repetitive motions of the jobs they perform.

A personal injury lawyer in Tampa may work with clients who are groundskeepers or landscapers and have received personal injuries from sources that most people do not think about. For example, when a person is working in an area where there are electrical lines that have been buried but have not been properly marked, they may get electrocuted. Additionally, repetitive motions that involve the use of poorly designed or defective tools can cause damage.

Landscapers and groundskeepers constantly use chemicals and pesticides. Some of these have been known to cause illnesses, such as cancer. Even insects on the grounds can sting, bite, and cause diseases. Landscapers and groundskeepers run the risk of getting bit by family pets, including dogs.

A personal injury lawyer in Tampa who has groundskeepers or landscapers as clients may need to work with other healthcare professionals nearby to investigate the reasons behind the injury. They will need to identify the negligent party and then work with their clients to help them get compensation for their injuries.