Applying for veteran’s benefits is a complex process. The VA asks for specific medical information to determine if the veteran’s injuries are service-connected. For many veterans who served in combat, the answer may be obvious, but for others, it may not be so simple.

Are You Eligible?
Hiring a veterans benefits lawyer in the New York area will help you sort through the complicated process of applying and obtaining benefits. If you are a veteran that served during wartime but not in combat and were injured while on active duty, you still may qualify for disability benefits. For example, you may have twisted your ankle during active duty but did not receive medical treatment. If that injured ankle permanently prevents you from working, then you could be entitled to veteran disability benefits.

An Attorney Can Help
Many veterans don’t apply for benefits because they are not sure if they qualify for them. They fear that they cannot afford an attorney to help them. Veterans residing in New York should seek out a veterans benefits lawyer from New York before making the decision not to apply for benefits. The laws protecting service members are extensive, and lawyers are there to you understand them and receive the benefits that you may be entitled to receive.

There are many marketing efforts made to reach veterans to inform them of their potential to receive disability benefits. Attorneys across the nation are working to gain disability payments for all veterans who qualify for them. Getting benefits for veterans helps reduce homelessness in the veteran communities in our country. Veteran benefits also reduce the number of inactive service members who are going untreated for mental illness.

Help is available, and it is free to find out if you qualify for VA benefits. Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices work with veterans every day to help them get the benefits that they deserve.