Having a Lawyer in Torrance, CA for Representation When Attempting to Modify Child Custody

When planning to petition the court for a modification of a child custody order, a parent benefits from having legal representation by a Lawyer in Torrance CA. Acting as one’s lawyer in this situation makes it more likely the desired result will not occur. Family courts are very hesitant to modify financial arrangements unless they are completely convinced doing so would be best for the children.

A Mutual Agreement

In some instances, both parents have agreed to the modification. It’s still essential to have this officially documented with the court in case one parent eventually decides the change is unsuitable. The other parent then would not have the legal standing of a court-approved modification.

When the Parents Disagree

In other cases, one parent wants a modification and the other is adamant about not making any changes. That’s when having a Lawyer in Torrance CA provide representation in court is crucial for any chance for success in this goal.

Seeking Court Approval

Typically the request for an adjustment occurs because one parent wants to have the children at his or her home more frequently. That could mean changing from weekend visitation to shared physical custody. Although family court judges want to encourage both parents to be fully involved in the lives of the youngsters, that doesn’t mean they are quick to approve such requests.

In other instances, one parent seeks to limit the amount of time the other spends with the kids. That might mean ending a shared physical custody agreement and changing to visitation only. This sometimes happens when the other parent has developed problems that could lead to neglect of the youngsters while they are in his or her care.

The individual requesting any adjustment, with the assistance of an organization such as Shook & Associates Inc, must show there has been a change in circumstances that makes the modification advisable and better for the children. This could be a situation in which the other parent, with shared custody, has taken on a second job that requires a babysitter to be watching the kids much of the time. Visit the website for details.