If you’ve been charged with a crime, then you should consider seeking the assistance of a criminal attorney. Having someone on your side who understands the law and the possible sentences that you could face can often make the process of going to court and facing the prosecution a bit easier. Here are a few things that you can expect while you’re working with an attorney.

Reviewing the Facts

When you work with an attorney in criminal law in Lynbrook, NY, the person should review all of the details of your case in a factual manner. Your attorney should understand the charges that you have and how to proceed in court whether it’s admitting that you’re guilty or fighting for your innocence.


Your attorney should offer advice that is objective. Information should be given so that you feel like you’re being assisted by a professional while still hearing the truth about your case. Your attorney shouldn’t try to hide details just to make you feel better about going to court.

Plea Deals

If your attorney feels that there is enough evidence against you, then there should be a point where a plea deal is entered. This can often save you from going through a trial. It can also possibly mean a lesser sentence than what you would have received if you were to go through a court trial with an attorney in criminal law in Lynbrook, NY. Keep in mind that a plea isn’t always in your best interest if there is supporting evidence that you didn’t commit the crime.

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