When an automobile is manufactured, they are created to be functional and safe while being driven. Consumers trust that the manufacturer and car dealer is supplying them with a quality auto for them to purchase. Yet, when the automobile does not operate properly or is unsafe to drive, the owner has the right to request that the car is repaired. If the manufacturer is unable to repair the car, the consumer then has a right to be compensated for the auto and the company take the car back from the owner. The Illinois Lemon Law was created to help prevent consumers from being stuck with a car that will not operate correctly.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Car is Defective

   *   If you are having issues with a car you just bought, you want to start documenting any problems you are experiencing.
   *   You should keep all receipts that pertain to repairs.
   *   If you see a pattern, it is vital that you continue to keep accurate records of the repairs and how long it is out of service.
   *   The manufacturer or dealer has at least four chances to repair the auto before it can be considered a lemon.
   *   After the 4th repair, if the car is still not functioning properly contact an attorney that specializes in Illinois Lemon Law.

Gain the Benefits of Hiring a Trusted Attorney

When you select to hire a lawyer, you gain their knowledge and expertise in lemon laws. They can explain the law to you and what options that you have available in pursuing a claim against the manufacturer. Since 1995, Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® has been devoted to helping make sure their clients are not shortchanged by the manufacturers. They can help speed up the court process to help you obtain a fair settlement.