In Wisconsin, estate owners face a multitude of decisions when making their final arrangements and protecting their assets. The estate planning process offers these owners some guidance and a more accurate understanding of the law and how these laws affect their estate. An Estate Planning Attorney in Beaver Dam WI can answer any questions that an estate owner may have about these determinations.

What Stipulations are Added to a Trust Fund?

Stipulations added to a trust fund include but are not limited to age restrictions for accessing the funds, protection from potential fraudulent use, and limits on the value disburse each year. These stipulations can prevent a child from wasting the money and stop a new guardian from accessing the funds for financial gains. The estate owner may apply any guidelines they prefer for these financial accounts and can make changes as necessary.

Why are Irrevocable Trusts Created?

The first advantage of using these trusts is that the assets are protected fully from creditors and others who could file a lien against an estate. All assets that are transferred out of the estate are no longer a part of the estate itself and won’t be a part of the probate process. Additionally, the estate owner can give the trust to their spouse or a child without the new owner facing an inheritance taxes.

Is a Living Will an Absolute and Final Decision?

Yes, in most cases, a living will can prevent family members from making decisions about the use of extraordinary measures and keeping the estate owner on life support. However, a family member who is given the authority to be the estate owner’s health care proxy can override a DNR order and determine when to end these measures.

In Wisconsin, estate owners review their options when dividing up their estate and assigning new owners to their properties and assets. These options could involve the creation of a trust or trust funds to redirect the estate owner’s wealth to their children or other family members. Owners who have questions about these measures contact an Estate Planning Attorney in Beaver Dam WI or Click here for more information now. You can also visit them on Facebook.