FAQs About Domestic Violence That a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City, KS Can Answer

In Kansas, domestic violence leads to serious injuries and major issues among family members. These events could include personal assault or more complex offenses covered under related laws. These events can also lead to further legal problems for offenders. The following are FAQs about domestic violence that a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS can answer.

What Are Victims in These Cases?

Domestic violence cases involve family members like siblings, parents, children, and couples. Anyone who once lived inside the household that is assaulted is covered under these laws. This can also include former spouses or romantic partners. It may also involve children that have moved away from home or stepparents as well.

How Does a Protection Order Work?

A protection order is acquired by petitioning the court. The victim must present evidence of these actions. Typically, they need reports where they have pressed formal charges against their attacker. These records will also include photographs and full descriptions of the victim’s injuries.

The protection order prevents the attacker from contacting the victim in any way. They cannot visit the home of the victim, and they cannot visit any locations that they know the victim will visit. The terms of the order may also provide additional requirements and provisions.

How Are Additional Charges Managed?

If the defendant fails to comply with the protection order, they accumulate more charges. These charges are managed in separate court appearances. They receive the full penalty for each offense if they are convicted.

Could a Conviction Affect Other Cases?

A conviction can also play a role in a child custody case. If the defendant is convicted, they could be considered a risk to their child. This could prevent them from acquiring custody. It may also present assistance in terminating their parental rights.

In Kansas, domestic violence involves physical assault or other dangerous actions between family members. The cases can lead to prison sentences based on the severity of the victim’s injuries. People facing these charges should contact a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS through Oleen Law Firm or click here for additional information.