Family Law in Rochester MN: Tips for Getting Along During a Divorce

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Lawyers

Divorce, separation, and other matters of Family Law in Rochester MN may breed resentment between soon-to-be ex-spouses. While both sides may feel as if their goal is to make the other person suffer as much as possible, they both lose if they cannot find a way to remain amicable. When children are involved, the situation may quickly become toxic, and parents must make an effort to maintain a cordial, civil relationship. Below are four tips on getting along with an ex-spouse.

Avoid the He-Said, She-Said Game

Sometimes, spouses badmouth the other person to their family and friends, but even a seemingly innocuous comment may have negative effects. Think carefully about the words and tone used when speaking of the other person, as much of what’s said will be passed along. Furthermore, it’s not really fair to put friends and family in such a position to begin with. It’s crucial to keep an open line of communication, as it will expedite the process and make it easier to manage the children’s schedules. The more effectively divorcing spouses communicate, the easier it will be on everyone.

Think of the Children First

Kids aren’t pawns, and they shouldn’t be used to get back at the other parent. The emotional effects of a divorce are hard enough on children without them feeling as if they’re forced to take sides. Showing the children that it’s possible to get along is a great conflict resolution lesson that they can carry forward into their own relationships. Always keep the kids in mind and do what is best for them, even in difficult times.

Be Single, But Be Sensible

Even though both parents are officially single, they should still behave responsibly by not dating any of the ex-spouse’s neighbors, family, or friends. If things are to remain amicable, it is best to respect the other person’s boundaries and avoid doing things that will distress them. When both sides are angry, divorces take longer, and no one wants to go through that.

Divorces are difficult, especially when children are involved, and many find it hard to remain friends with their ex-spouse. However, with the help of an attorney practicing Family Law in Rochester MN, it’s possible to get through the process relatively intact. Click Here for more details or call today to schedule a consultation.

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