Suppose your Illinois driver’s license gets suspended, and you must attend Secretary of State hearings in Chicago. In that case, you need to have expert legal representation. Being adequately prepared is crucial.

Does a Revoked License Mean You Can Never Drive?

Drivers with a restricted license can drive with limitations. But drivers with a suspended or revoked license cannot legally drive at all. This does not mean you can never get your license reinstated. It does mean that you are required to have a hearing before the Secretary of State.


There are two types of hearings:

  • Informal
  • Formal

The difference in the two types of hearings reflects the seriousness of the traffic offense.

Informal Hearing

You can attend an informal hearing if:

  • No fatality was involved
  • You only have one DUI
  • The offense was a lesser moving violation.

Formal Hearing

You may be required to attend a formal hearing if your offense involved a fatality or you have more than one DUI.

Experience Matters

Having knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced attorneys represent you is crucial because:

  • They review everything required at Secretary of State hearings in Chicago.
  • They stand beside you during hearings.
  • They process the paperwork necessary to argue that you deserve to have your license reinstated.
  • They ensure that you are adequately prepared.

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