Discussing How To File A Claim With A Workers Comp Attorney In Burlington, VT

by | May 30, 2016 | Lawyers

In Vermont, workers are protected under federal and state laws. These laws enforce the need for worker’s compensation coverage for all employers. The insurance policy is required to offer medical coverage for any worker-related injuries that occur. A Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT help these employees when they are facing a denial of benefits.

The Initial Claim

The initial claim begins with emergency medical services. The employer must provide the appropriate forms to start the injury claim. Once the worker visits the doctor, the doctor has a period of ten days to submit the documents to the insurer. The next step requires a claim’s adjuster to review the terms of the policy. The claim’s adjuster determines if the worker’s injuries qualify them for monetary benefits based on their recovery time.

Retracing the Steps

After the claim is denied, an attorney begins by retracing the steps of the claim. They determine if the doctor provides the medical assessment on time. They also determine if the doctor provided adequate information about the worker’s injuries. In some cases, a second opinion may be necessary. If the doctor works with the insurer on these claims, they may find a loophole that allows them to deny the claim.

Building a Case Against the Employer and Insurer

Next, the attorney must secure all evidence for the claim. The medical records must show an eligible injury. This injury must meet the specifications outlined in the policy. Additionally, they must assess the circumstances of the accident. The series of events may indicate an OSHA violation.

What to Expect

The worker will attend an appeal’s hearing initially. The attorney helps them prepare for the process. If they don’t acquire an approval, the next step is to file a formal lawsuit. The attorney guides them through this process completely.

In Vermont, workers gain protection under employment laws issued by the government. These laws prevent employers from failing to provide benefits for a worker’s compensation claim. The employer must acquire the insurance as directed under these laws. Employees that need help should hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT by contacting McVeigh Skiff LLP today.

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