You can feel secure with the personal attention you receive from the trusted attorneys who help you get SSI in Mesa, AZ. Receive the expert representation and legal counsel you need and deserve.

Applying for Social Security Disability

An experienced and skilled SSI attorney will help you maneuver what be a confusing process. Have concerns addressed and dealt with, such as:

  • Preparing a strong and application
  • Preparing and filing a request for reconsideration
  • Preparing your case for hearing and representing you
  • And much more

Put your mind at ease with these attorneys who help you get SSI in Mesa, AZ. They work with your doctors to ensure your records illustrate your condition’s seriousness.

Supplemental Security Income Benefits

If you do not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) but cannot work because of a physical or mental disability, these attorneys who help you get SSI in Mesa, AZ, can guide you through the system. The steps in receiving SSDI benefits are the same as those in SSI applications. Your attorney will help you evaluate your claim by answering these questions if they apply:

  1. Are you currently working?
  1. How severely are you impaired?
  1. What is your impairment listing level?
  1. Are you able to do the work you previously performed?
  1. What other work can you perform?

Being well-prepared is the key to success. The knowledge and experience of these SSI attorneys will ensure that your claim is professionally presented to allow you the maximum benefit afforded.

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