The law protects consumers. In the event a consumer is subjected to abusive business practices, the law gives individuals the right to hire a Chicago consumer rights lawyer and fight back. Consumer protection laws hold those who sell goods or services accountable in the event they attempt to profit from those that lack information, knowledge, or bargaining power. Consumer rights laws apply in the state as well as federally; they are upheld and enforced by specific government agencies as well as individual and class action suits.

Consumer protection cases:

Many abusive practices in business take place when the consumer finds him or herself in a vulnerable position. It is common practice that, when people do not keep up with paying their debts, that bill collectors make every effort to make life miserable for them. Bill collectors attempt to intimidate consumers that are financially embarrassed by contacting their place of employment, neighbors, friends, and family. Consumer rights laws are in place that prohibit activities of this sort. Under existing laws, anyone found guilty of harassment of this sort can be fined $1,000 plus the fee charged by the Chicago consumer rights lawyer that was hired by the victim.

It is not only harassment, but another reason for a consumer protection lawsuit is also predatory lending practices such as charging outrageous credit card interest rates and hiding fees and associated penalties in the “boilerplate” of an agreement.

Class action lawsuits:

Many consumer rights infringements result in minimal economic damage. In the event a consumer falls victim to a fraudulent scheme and recognizes a loss, the loss may be quite insignificant, so much so that it may cost more to hire a lawyer and sue than the actual loss.

In cases such as this, the consumer that was injured can band together with others that have the same or similar claim against the defendant. As has been said, “There is strength in numbers.” A large group of victims can pose a threat to even the largest corporations.

If you believe you are the victim of consumer fraud or other illegal act, you have the right to hire a Chicago consumer rights lawyer and sue for damages. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact Zimmerman Law Offices.