Child support helps children have a similar lifestyle to the one they would have had if their parents remained married. Because the courts understand children are not to blame for their parents’ inability to live together and shouldn’t suffer financially due to decisions made by their parents, the noncustodial parent is generally ordered to pay child support when the family legally separates. This is not meant to be a punishment for one parent or a reward for the other, but a chance for both parents to ensure their children are taken care of properly.

Parents often don’t understand their right regarding child support and sometimes argue with the other parent regarding this money. A child support lawyer in Jefferson County, MO might help a newly separated parent understand how the process works so they won’t be upset about the amount their former spouse is ordered to pay. Child support is determined based on a formula that takes the income and child-related expenses of both parents into consideration. According to this formula, both parents should financially contribute to the well being of their children based on their ability.

By working with a child support lawyer in Jefferson County, MO, parents can ensure the amount calculated by the courts for their child support accurately reflects the income of both parents and the expenses of the child. Children with significant medical or education expenses may be awarded additional support while parents who provide child care or health insurance for their kids might be required to pay less. It’s important for the court to get the amount right, so the custodial parent is able to provide everything their child needs.

Family courts hope that, in addition to paying child support, the noncustodial parent has an ongoing relationship with their children. Kids that get regular child support along with time with both of their parents are typically more well-adjusted after a divorce. The money ensures their basic physical needs are met, and the time they spend with their noncustodial parent ensures all of their social needs are met as well. Visit the website to learn more about how a child support attorney might be able to help.