Choosing a Criminal Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

Before hiring a criminal attorney in Hattiesburg MS it is important to get legal advice to determine if hiring someone is actually necessary. Some criminal charges like a first DUI charge may be simple enough to handle alone. However if the risks are too great to rely on a public defender or to self-represent, a skilled attorney must be chosen instead. Here is what everyone should know prior to hiring anyone.

Choose a lawyer that specializes in criminal law. They can perform other tasks, but at least half of their time should be devoted to criminal cases. They should also have experience as a trial lawyer. This is the best assurance a potential client will have that they are knowledgeable of the laws, know the system and will be confident in a courtroom if it is required.

Look up the lawyer online to see if there are videos of them in court, from news broadcasts or other reports. If possible, attend a trial where they are representing the defendant to see how they perform. Consider any doubts about their abilities or credentials to be a sign that they are not the right choice.

Make certain that the lawyer will be the one to do the majority of work on the case. Many legal teams use assistants and paralegals to prepare everything. While these experts are valuable to any law office and are always involved to some extent, they should not be the main source of legal help in a criminal case.

A criminal attorney in Hattiesburg MS that is ethical, reputable and experienced will have no problem answering questions about their experience, their length of time they have been practicing and what type of cases they have handled. Choose one that has a resume that matches the need. For example, it would be unnecessary to have a skilled defender with years of experience in keeping murderers off death row helping with a vandalism case. Likewise, if someone is charged with murder they may not want to hire someone who has never been to trial or defended anyone charged with a felony. It is an important decision that takes time to make certain the choice is right. Contact us to learn more about how criminal cases are handled and how to find the lawyer that will provide the protection necessary regardless of the type of charges they are facing.