How Can Domestic Violence Attorneys in Temecula Help You?

It isn’t always easy to understand why one person hurts another. When it happens in the context of a relationship, there are countless emotions a victim feels as they try to decide what to do next. While many consider trying to leave their spouse or partner, they may not know where to start or how to go about severing the relationship. With the help of domestic violence attorneys in Temecula, there are several things victims can do to protect themselves and move on with their lives.

Filing a Restraining Order

One of the most important things to do right away is creating distance between the abuser and the victim. Filing a restraining order is a great start. It draws a line as to how close one person can be to the other and, when broken, it works as evidence against the abuser. However, many people aren’t sure how to go about obtaining a restraining order, so they may skip this step as they look to leave. Domestic violence attorneys in Temecula can represent the victims and work with them to obtain a restraining order to provide some level of protection.

File for Divorce

If domestic violence is happening within a marriage, the same attorney can help an individual file for divorce. Ending the relationship under these circumstances is not easy, so it’s important to have someone on the side of the victim that understands what they are going through and works hard to protect their interests. In some cases, this includes fighting for custody of the kids to ensure they are not victims in the future.

Create a Civil Lawsuit

Sometimes, a victim has the opportunity to file a civil lawsuit against their abuser. This is a huge step in not only creating distance but also receiving some type of compensation that will help with starting a new life. A domestic violence attorney has experience putting together the case, gathering evidence, and presenting it in a way that protects the client and pushes for a reasonable outcome. If you’re the victim of domestic abuse, click here to learn how the Law Office of Michelle Penna can help you come up with a plan.