If you are disabled, mentally or physically, and you have good reason to believe that your disability will last for at least a year; you should seriously consider hiring a disability lawyer in Aurora and file a claim for Social Security benefits. You might ask yourself why you need a lawyer to deal with the government, that’s the reason; it is a government agency and the entire process s difficult and fraught with potential problems. A seasoned disability lawyer has seen it all, he or she knows the system and how to best present a successful case for disability benefits.

It starts with a case evaluation:

With the rules and regulations surrounding Social Security being so complex, it can be extremely difficult to know whether you should claim. A disability lawyer in Aurora will first evaluate your case at no cost to you, at this initial stage it is important for both you and the lawyer to understand the situation and if you have a valid case. An experienced disability lawyer knows how to build a case knows what supporting evidence is needed and is comfortable should it be necessary to appeal an adverse decision.

Other benefits:

There are numerous other benefits that you get once you have engaged a lawyer:

   * There is no cost up front, the lawyer will pursue your case based on contingency; in the rare event your case is disapproved with finality you will not be charged any legal fees.
   * An experienced disability lawyer in Aurora knows what it takes to win and is in a position to provide any and all resources to increase the chances of success.
   * A lawyer is comfortable with the appeals process should your initial application be denied.

Getting disability benefits is extremely important for the majority of applicants. By going it alone you seriously risk your future; it is always a good idea to hire an experienced disability lawyer.

If you are disabled and unable to do any gainful work you have the right to claim Social Security disability benefits. Your best chance of success lies with hiring a seasoned disability lawyer in Aurora. You are invited to discuss your claim with The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown.