When someone is arrested for a crime that seems relatively minor initially, the situation can be viewed by police in the worst possible light. For instance, if they find a small amount of cocaine in the person’s vehicle, they might arrest the person for possession with intent to sell the drug. If the prosecuting attorney doesn’t step in and change the charges before a judge sets bail, the bail amount may be unreasonably high for what the person actually did. A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta can help when this type of incident occurs, as the amount set often is impossible for the individual to pay.

Cash Bail

When a person does pay cash for bail, that amount is returned as long as all court dates are attended as scheduled. Even if this individual pleads guilty in a plea bargain or is found guilty at trial, bail is returned.

Bail Bonds

When working with a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta, no cash amount is paid. The service provides a bond to the court that guarantees the individual will not flee when released on bail. The customer of the bond service pays the company a fee that is a percentage of the bail. The person then regains freedom and does not have to wait in jail until the case is resolved.

Case Resolution

That can happen in any number of ways. The prosecuting attorney might drop charges or a judge might dismiss the case. If this does not occur, the person might be offered a plea deal that reduces the usual penalties for the crime. Going to trial is another option, at which time he or she will be found not guilty or guilty in court.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

In the United States, residents are supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty, so it may feel very unfair to be incarcerated before proof of guilt has been made in court or a confession has been given. Having to stay in jail during that time can be disastrous for someone who faces losing a job or custody of children. A service such as Free At Last Bail Bonds is ready to assist.