When a person is injured in an auto accident, it’s absolutely crucial for them to protect their legal rights. Anything a victim says may be used against them, and a careless statement can seriously affect the outcome of an auto accident claim. There are certain things that shouldn’t be said to other motorists or insurance adjusters, and some of those are listed below.

Don’t Admit Fault

A car accident lawyer in Southern Maryland may make several suggestions after an auto accident, but this is one of the most important: never admit responsibility. Fault is determined later in the process, and if a victim apologizes or accepts blame, it will surely be used against them.

Don’t Minimize Injuries

After an accident, victims shouldn’t say that they aren’t hurt. Some injuries can’t be seen, and shock or adrenaline may block pain for quite some time. It’s important for victims to seek medical care, even if they feel fine afterward.

Don’t Make Any Guesses

Never guess what happened, especially in conversations with insurance adjusters. For example, a victim shouldn’t say how fast they were driving if there’s any uncertainty. Offering opinions, guessing, and drawing poor conclusions can damage a personal injury case.

Don’t Give Any Statements

An accident victim should never provide an on-the-record statement. The other motorist’s insurance adjuster will certainly try to get a statement, which may be distorted or used in a different context to minimize the victim’s claim.

Don’t Accept an Early Offer

Perhaps most importantly, a victim should not accept an offer without consulting a car accident lawyer in Southern Maryland. The other driver’s insurance company will likely make a low initial settlement offer, which may not cover a victim’s injuries and economic losses. However, an attorney will fight to protect a victim’s rights and get them a fair settlement.

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