After being injured in an auto accident, the focus needs to be on recovering from the incident. The last thing the injured party needs is pressure from the responsible party to settle for less than a reasonable amount of compensation. This is where hiring car accident lawyers in Harford County, MD comes in handy. Here is what the lawyer can do on behalf of the client.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

There’s a good chance that the insurance company of the responsible party will want to settle the case as quickly as possible. At the same time, the provider will want to pay out as little as possible. To that end, there will be attempts to speak directly with the injured party in the hopes of coming up with some reason for shifting part of the blame for the accident.

The best way to avoid being caught in this position is to hire one of the car accident lawyers in Harford County, MD and make it clear that all letters, phone calls, and other forms of communication are directed to the legal counsel. The lawyer will determine when and if the client needs to speak directly with anyone on the opposing side. In most cases, the fact that legal counsel is retained will compel the responsible party to be a little more cooperative.

Managing Settlement Negotiations

While the client is aware of the current medical bills and what it will take to repair the car, the lawyer will be on the lookout for expenses that are likely to develop during the recuperative period. The fact that the lawyer has handled some many similar cases makes it much easier to ask the right questions and find out how much the injuries could eventually cost the client. This is important, since the goal is to seek a settlement that will cover those expenses and not leave the client in a precarious financial situation.

Don’t feel pressured to settle quickly just because someone says that’s the best deal the individual can hope to get. Instead, visit today and arrange for a consultation. With an attorney on board, the chances for a positive outcome are much better.

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