Ask Your Attorney in Junction City, KS About the Chances for a Deferred Judgment

While there are numerous ways for a lawyer to help their client avoid a conviction, this just isn’t possible in some cases. If it looks like the person will be found guilty of a crime, an attorney in Junction City, KS might try to obtain a deferred judgment for their client. This is typically only possible for misdemeanor cases, and there are some limitations, but it could help the person avoid a criminal record.

What Is a Deferred Judgement?

A deferred judgment allows the person to avoid a criminal record by effectively withholding the judgment (guilty verdict) until the person has completed their sentencing. If they complete the sentencing without issues, they will not be found guilty and will be able to avoid a criminal record. The sentencing could include community service, probation and fines. However, even though they must complete the sentence, they won’t have a guilty verdict on their record and will be able to avoid a conviction on their record.

Will a Deferred Judgment Be a Good Idea?

A deferred judgment is not always a good idea. If there is the possibility of the charges being dismissed, that is the preferable option. However, if the person is sure they’ll be found guilty in court and they want to try to avoid a conviction, then a deferred judgment might be the preferable option. It is important for them to make sure they can complete the sentencing requirements to avoid the conviction. If they do not complete their sentence, they will end up with further legal issues and a guilty verdict for the offense.

Who Should Ask About a Deferred Judgment?

These are usually offered in misdemeanor cases, but anyone can speak with a lawyer to find out if it’s possible to seek a deferred judgment for their case. There may be certain types of cases where a deferred judgment is applicable, and it may not be possible for a person to seek a deferred judgment if they have a criminal record already.

If you’ve been arrested, you need an attorney in Junction City, KS to help you. Ask them about the possibility for a deferred judgment in your case if it’s not possible to have the charges dismissed. You can visit the website for the Oleen Law Firm now to learn more.