Answering FAQs With An Alimony Lawyer In Citrus Heights, CA

In California, alimony is awarded to provide supplemental financial support for spouses. The payments help the spouse maintain a certain standard of living without falling below the poverty line. Several factors apply to these assignments. The following are answers to questions petitioners frequently ask an Alimony Lawyer in Citrus Heights CA.

How Does Temporary Alimony Work?

Temporary alimony payments provide assistance for the spouse with the lower earning potential. The arrangement begins when the divorce petition is filed. These arrangements remain in place until after the court makes a determination of permanent payments. All monthly obligations of the recipient are assessed before a value is assigned.

What Influences Permanent Alimony Assignments?

* Marketable Skills. The skill set of the spouse is evaluated to determine their earning potential. The court reviews the projected earning opportunities presented by this skill set. They also review the duration required to improve their marketable skills through a degree program. The cost of the degree program is also reviewed.

* Domestic Responsibilities. An evaluation is conducted for any period where the spouse couldn’t work due to domestic responsibilities. These responsibilities include childcare and household requirements throughout the marriage.

* Contributions for Their Spouse’s Education. Any contributes toward their spouse’s education is reviewed. This includes payments made by the recipient to help their spouse advance in their current career.

* The Earning Capacity of the Payer. The earning capacity of the spouse providing the payments is reviewed. A comparison of their monthly obligations and income is conducted to establish an ability to pay alimony.

* Additional Factors. The standard of living during the marriage, duration of the marriage, debts and assets, and the current health of the spouse are reviewed. These factors define the obligation to the spouse based on child custody assignments and their ability to work.

In California, spousal support is provided when the spouse isn’t able to support themselves adequately. The assignments are based on factors that apply to the marriage. They also apply to circumstances that follow the divorce and present a hardship. Spouses who need answers from an Alimony Lawyer in Citrus Heights CA can contact Attorney Hugh O. Allen for further details today.