An accident attorney is a lawyer that specializes in the laws that protect your rights after you have been involved in an accident. There are 2 things that you should remember after you are involved in an accident are as follows:

1. The insurance company is not your friend.
2. It is essential to retain an experienced lawyer.

The Insurance Adjuster

Immediately following any type of accident, you can expect a phone call from an insurance adjuster. The sole job of the insurance adjuster is to get the case closed. They are not there to make sure you get the medical help you need, and they are not there to make sure you are treated fairly. They are there to ensure that their company saves money on any and all claims. It is not personal; it is just their job. They are paid to quickly and quietly settle claims at the least cost to the insurance carrier. A lot of people mistakenly believe that the insurance adjuster is an impartial party that just wants to help. You should never sign any paperwork, and you should never even speak with an adjustor before you make contact with an attorney that can inform you of your rights.

Get a Lawyer

Insurance companies keep lawyers on staff. In most cases, they will use every limit under the law to ensure that your accident is not compensated to the fullest extent. You need a lawyer because they will have a team of lawyers ready to pounce, and you need to be sure that your rights and interests will be protected. It is never a wise decision to fight the process alone.

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