In most cases, people work until they retire before collecting disability benefits. However, sometimes people get sick or injured before retirement age and need to file for disability benefits. That’s when it behooves you to hire a Maryville disability lawyer. Here are some key reasons why.

Helps With Paperwork
The paperwork for the initial claim and subsequent appeals is lengthy and cumbersome. However, if you don’t fill every section out correctly, your disability case can get dismissed. A disability lawyer Maryville residents rely on, will ensure that all of your paperwork gets filled out accurately and delivered to the appropriate Social Security Administration representative.

Recommends Various Tests
A savvy disability lawyer Maryville residents trust, will often recommend various medical tests if he or she feels you have a dearth of medical forms on file. If you have chronic asthma, for example, your disability lawyer may recommend that you visit a pulmonologist. This lung specialist can not only fill out the medical form but offer his or her medical opinion about your limited ability to work.

Increases Your Chances of Winning
Your disability lawyer from Maryville can dramatically improve your chances of getting disability benefits. For one thing, he or she is familiar with certain judges and what they expect from applicants when rendering their decisions. Your disability attorney will also argue your case in court before the judge, citing various medical limitations that preclude you from working.

With a Maryville disability lawyer, you’ll have an advocate in your corner at your hearing. This lawyer will help convince the judge that you have a true disability.

Kenneth Miller & Associates, P.C.will always work hard to help people in Knoxville and East Tennessee get disability benefits, and you can reach the firm at 865-637-0515.